How Adrian Aston and Other Poker Players Can Avoid Going Broke

Poker is a gambling game designed to involve wagers of money. Since most players like Adrian Aston don’t have an endless supply of cash, a need for knowing how to play correctly through the swings of poker is required. Most people who play without this knowledge run out of cash and have to leave the table. Even those who win on ‘luck’ eventually run out of that and find themselves going broke.

Play with Goals in Mind

A large number of poker players sit down at tables in the hopes of winning big. If this is your motivation, you tend to take greater risks in order to win larger pots. However, that kind of sporadic play usually results in more losses than wins with an end result of going broke.

Adrian AstonIf you want to actually make money at playing poker, you need to play the game with specific long-term goals in mind. All of the ‘big boys’ that have been around the top poker circuits for a long period of time have remained by setting goals. If your goal is not just to win but to win a certain amount of money, then you will adjust your playing priorities to be less impulsive. It’s much better to finish in the top three of a tournament, for example, than to be eliminated with less than your entry fee.

Remain Neutral in Your Thinking

The mind is extremely powerful. Adrian Aston, or any good consistent poker player, will tell you that controlling your thoughts and emotions is a critical part of the game.

Most wannabe poker players get caught up in habits of incorrect thinking and their results openly show it. When a winning streak hits, such players think “I’m winning!” However, when that inevitable losing streak comes along, this type of player will crash hard and find it difficult to rise back up. The opposite is also true. If you hit a losing streak and think “I’m losing” then it will be difficult to get into a winning mentality.

The best option is to learn to maintain a neutral state of thinking which says “I’m even” regardless of whether you are on a winning streak or losing streak. By remaining neutral in your thinking and playing each hand as a brand new opportunity, you remain balanced during the swings of poker.

Take Calculated Risks

Poker is a game of risk so you can’t avoid it if you want to win. However, to avoid going broke, you want to take calculated risks that provide the highest odds of winning. This requires knowing how to make plays that push your comfort zone, but don’t ‘break the bank’. When mistakes are made, use them as learning experiences, set them aside and start the next hand fresh.

The Advantages That Playing Online Poker Has for Enthusiasts like Adrian Aston

Poker is an exciting game that is enjoyed by many millions of people around the world, including Adrian Aston. However, the very nature of poker is one of gambling and the goal of gambling is to win money. Therefore, if you are going to win money from poker pots consistently then you must learn and become good at the various skills involved.

The Rise of Online PokerAdrian Aston

Although poker has always been a popular game, it has seen an exponential rise in popularity due to the internet. Poker was once a game of fancy casinos and smoky backroom joints, but it has been set free by the World Wide Web for enjoyment by the masses. The introduction of mobile devices has increased access to online poker even further.

The advantages of playing online poker are many and can be gleaned by everyone from the novice to the expert. Anyone serious about sharpening their playing skills should get involved with online poker through some venue.

Practice Makes Perfect

In order to be a high level poker player, you must study techniques and then put them into practice at the table. Techniques consist of not only how you play your hand, but also reading how opponents play their hands. A combination of properly applied techniques by you together with an accurate reading of your opponent will end up producing the best results. These techniques can only be honed by sitting down at a table and playing.

Online poker allows you to practice in between any physical green felt games that you may participate in and online practice time will end up benefitting you at those face-to-face games. Even more practice can be obtained by utilising mobile devices to hone skills while out and about or during break times.

Friendly Atmosphere

Playing online also has the advantage of being able to practice your newfound skills without all the intimidation. Because you are playing on your computer, you are insulated from glares and comments that might otherwise hinder your concentration.

Online playing means you can take greater risks that teach how to play more aggressively, as well as develop certain intuitions faster that might take longer during physical play. Online poker also moves much faster in pace than physical poker so you can get many more hands in during computer play.

If you want to hone your poker playing skills, then join Adrian Aston at utilising the venue of online poker. Doing so will help prepare you for more victories at upcoming face-to-face games.


5 Basic Poker Strategies Used by Adrian Aston

Poker is a game of strategies. As you gain knowledge and experience, the strategies Adrian Astoncan become quite complex. However, there are five basic poker strategies that Adrian Aston and other more experienced players learned early and continue to use in their poker journeys. Here are the five basic strategies that every poker player must know and learn to use effectively to become a successful opponent.

The Bluff

This is probably the strategy that is most widely known amongst anyone watching poker games. A bluff occurs when you have a poor hand that by all odds will not win if taken to showdown. However, a player might read that opponents have weak or only semi-strong hands and can get them to drop out by making strong bets and appearing to have a very strong hand. The bluff is easily remembered because it captures the attention when someone wins a big pot based on a pitiful hand.

The Semi-Bluff

The semi-bluff is somewhat different than an outright bluff. Your hand starts out poor and you make a bluff bet to cause doubt in your opponents. However, as the flop, turn and river fall your hand improves due to needed cards appearing. In a true bluff hand, you have no chance of winning should you go to showdown, but in a semi-bluff hand you have an authentic chance of winning.

The Slow Play

This is a poker strategy used by players who have strong hands that they want to disguise. The slow play works by starting out only calling bets and passively playing along. Those making moves will be fooled into thinking your hand isn’t very strong. As the hand progresses, you become more aggressive in order to press your opponent to add more chips.

The Check-Raise

The check-raise strategy is used by players with strong hands in order to get opponents to throw in the maximum amount of chips. Players using this strategy will check in order to signify a weak hand and the opponent will immediately bet thinking they are stronger. You then raise the bet which the opponent will probably call because they already have money invested in the play.

The Stop and Go

This strategy is used to confuse opponents who are trying to read the strength or weakness of your poker hand. By making a strong bet and then checking at your next turn, you throw off the opponent’s read.

Although these basic poker strategies are most commonly used in Texas Holdem, Adrian Aston and others can also affectively use them in other forms of poker games.

Adrian Aston / The Positives and Negatives of Poker Addiction

Poker is an exciting game that can often lead to Adrian Aston and other poker enthusiasts becoming addicted to playing. This is especially true of those who desire to win on a consistent basis and there are severAdrian Astonal reasons for this.

However, is being addicted to poker a good or bad thing? There is actually a positive and negative aspect of being addicted to the game of poker and how it affects your life depends on how you approach it.

The Negative Side of Poker Addiction

When the term “poker addiction” is thrown out to any crowd, the very first image they conjure up is one of the downtrodden deadbeat that has dark bags around his eyes, slumped over a poker table gambling his life’s earnings and house away to the casino. Unfortunately, this is indeed an existing state of poker addiction.

However, this type of poker addict represents the negative side of the condition. People that fall into this category are more addicted to the extreme highs and lows that gambling provides. They are more addicted to the ‘rush’ of poker than they are to the actual game.

Players affected negatively by poker addiction seek to win back what they’ve lost at all costs. These types will ‘bet the farm’ in a mad attempt to turn around a bad situation and, therefore, will play until destruction, both materially and mentally.

The Positive Side of Poker Addiction

There is a positive side to poker addiction, however. Ask Adrian Aston or anyone who is consistently successful at winning in poker, especially those who do it for a living, and they will most likely confess that they are addicted to the game. The reason for this is that you must put your entire person into the game in order to be successful at it. Poker must become your obsession.

Contrary to popular belief, poker is not a game of dumb luck, but requires a great amount of skill at reading opponents, determining odds, using strategies, hiding and noticing tells (physical reactions that reveal an opponent’s hand), etc. It takes a great deal of work at studying, researching and practicing to become good at poker and if you want to make money at it consistently then you will need to become addicted.

The difference with positive poker addiction is that players like Adrian Aston aren’t addicted to ‘winning’ as much as ‘beating the game’. Consistent poker winners walk away from losses and then analyse and change the areas that caused them to lose which makes them better players the next time they sit down at the table.

Hints to Playing Poker like Adrian Aston

Poker is one of the most popular card games ever to be played in a tournament or private setting. It got a huge boost in popularity in 1970 when the World Series of Poker began. Since that time, developments have spread the game in all its variations all over the world. Individual players like Adrian Aston develop a knack for playing the game with their own style, winning consistently by following simple tips and tricks.

To become an experienced player like Adrian Aston, you have to play on a consistent basis and learn the basics to start. If you have never played before, approach it from the beginner’s standpoint and learn all you can about it. Learn the Poker hand rankings, the different rules for the poker variations, like Texas Hold ‘Em and Five Card Stud, memorise the lingo so you can understand what other players are saying and read up on tips you can use to make your game better.

Adrian AstonOne of the best hints you can use when you are beginning to learn the game is to stay observant. As a beginner, it is okay to concentrate fully on your own hand for a while so that you can learn the rules quickly. Once you are familiar with the rules and how to play, you can begin to observe the other players to see what they are doing. You should pay attention to all the cards that are showing so you know what cards are not available. Watch for possible straights and flushes. If you see that someone else is probably holding a hand that can beat yours, do not be afraid to fold. Folding is a part of the game and keeps you from losing all of your money. If you are not wise about when to fold and when to hold, you stand a good chance of being beaten more often than you win.

Also, be sure you are not playing when you are already frustrated or upset about something else. Experienced players like Adrian Aston will be able to spot your mood and can take advantage of the distraction. When you are experienced and see that another player is distracted, you will understand the concept of making a run on someone who is not concentrating properly. Once you develop your own style of play, you will be able to move up to higher stakes games. Until that time, keep playing in the lower level games to get as much experience as possible.

Adrian Aston: Playing Poker Like a Champ

You can play poker like Adrian Aston in a short time just by learning the rules, playing consistently and applying helpful hints and tips from professionals. Poker is one of the most popular card games being played today. It got its start in America in the mid-1800′s. Since then, it has grown in popularity all around the world. The year 1970 saw the beginning of the World Series of Poker and the early 2000′s brought poker to the online gaming world. It is safe to say that poker, with its many variations, is played by millions of people every day all over the world.

Adrian AstonTo learn to play like an Adrian Aston professional, you have to be consistent in how you play. You must first learn the rules and then practice them. Follow the helpful hints that are given to you by other, more experienced players and ask questions, either online or of your friends, when there is something you don’t understand. After you have played for a while, you will develop a style and will hopefully be winning regularly. If not, analyse how you play to see where improvements can be made.

As a beginner, you would want to concentrate on your own hand and playing by the rules at all times. Once you have settled into playing and know what you are doing, you should begin to observe others. Avoid continuing the play in every single hand once you are certain you cannot win. There are bound to be hands you are given that you know are not winning hands from the beginning. When this is the case, don’t be afraid to fold and see what comes up next. After you fold is an excellent time to observe the other players in the game to see if they have any poker “tells” or consistent strategies you can use to your advantage.

If you are a poker enthusiast like Adrian Aston, you are going to want to know the poker lingo. Words like “ante”, “big blind”, “bottom pair” and “buy-in” will be used in reference to the play of the game. You need to know what these words mean and how to use them properly. Find a list of all the strange poker terms the general public is not familiar with and memorise them and their meanings. This, along with playing regularly and following tournament play will increase your chances of winning when you are invited into a game.

Adrian Aston considers poker a fantastic social game

Poker has never been more popular. The big international poker tournaments have become significant televised events. Millions of people play poker online. It’s also the case that poker is a Adrian Astonpopular social pastime among groups of friends. Adrian Aston is one of the millions of people across the globe that considers a game of poker to be a fantastic way of getting together with a group of pals.

It is difficult to work out exactly when the popularity of poker first emerged. The first references to the modern game of poker date from the USA in the early 19th Century. It seems that the game spread gradually along the Mississippi river. It was almost certainly spread by men travelling for the purposes of work. A lot of these men were first generation immigrants. The fact that they came from such diverse backgrounds made it necessary to try to agree some set, standardised rules for a game that could be played by everyone. Modern poker was one of a handful of games that survived and grew in popularity. It is thought to have derived from a number of similar card games from around Europe.

The game of poker soon began to catch the imagination of the world. Part of this is probably due to the growth of licensed casinos throughout the world. The ‘casino’ itself is a relatively modern concept. For hundreds of years, informal card games took place in communal drinking venues and in private homes. Very often, this was of course without the blessing of the authorities. Throughout the second half of the 20th Century, the gambling industry came to be increasingly regulated by national governments. Regulated casinos spread throughout the world. What was on offer at these casinos tended to be a selection of games that varied little from venue to venue. Poker was typically one of these games – as was blackjack.

Poker also came to be glamourised in films and on television. This undoubtedly led to the profile of the game increasing. In the 21st Century, it has never been easier for enthusiasts such as Adrian Aston to find people to play poker with. Whether it’s an informal game with friends, a game online with people on the other side of the world or a tournament in a casino, the choices are endless. Poker looks set to last another 200 years.